Contract Number: G5RD-CT-2002-00862
Type of Project: FP5-Growth
Duration: 36 Months (2003-2006)


1.Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), 2.Neorion Syros Shipyards (Greece), 3.CSGI (Italy), 4.Schlumberger (France), 5.MBN (Italy), 6.Aprilia Racing (Italy), 7.Pyrogenesis SA (Greece)


The principal aim of Nanospraying project is to develop thermal spraying of nanocrystalline powders for the production of nanostructured coatings. Coatings are specifically designed for the protection of industrial components operating under severe and extreme wear and/or corrosion conditions.

The project is based on two main lines of work:
Designing and producing (by Mechanomaking) nanocrystalline powders best suited for the application and thermal spray processing.

Modifying and adapting currently existing High Velocity Oxy Fuel and Air Plasma Spray plants to spraying of such powders.

The role of Pyrogenesis in the project is to evaluate thermal spraying techniques such as HVOF and APS and optimize deposition parameters for the production of nanostructured coatings. Pyrogenesis has also applied, at the optimum thermal spray parameters, nanostructured coatings to selected industrial components in engines and oil drilling equipment.