Contract Number: to be announced later in 2006
Type of Project: FP6-Integrated Project-Priority 3 ‘NMP’
Duration: 48 Months (2006-2010)


1.Centro Ricerche FIAT (Italy), 2.Johnson Matthey plc (UK), 3.NV Bekaert S.A. (Belgium), 4.Aerosol and Particle Technology Laboratory – CERTH/CPERI (Greece), 5.Christian Doppler Laboratory for Applied Computational Thermofluidynamics (Austria), 6.Politecnico di Torino (Italy), 7.FH Koblenz University of Applied Science (Germany), 8.Institut National de la Sante et de la Recherche Medicale (France), 9.Ceramiques Techniques et Industrielles S.A. (France), 10.ATH Cleanair GmbH (Germany), 11.Stobbe Tech Ceramics A/S (Denmark), 12.Tech in Tex TEXTIL GMBH (Austria), 13.GTP Technology (France), 14.DUPONT (Luxembourg), 15.Pyrogenesis S.A. (Greece)


The objective of the ATLANTIS project is to produce the required knowledge base and component technologies in nanostructured porous media and apply them for the manufacturing of:

a highly efficient compact and multifunctional emission control system for lean-burn automotive engines (e.g. for Diesel powered engines) and
a high yield, continuous and compact bioreactor for the production of recombinant protein antibodies for pharmaceutical and bio-diagnostic applications.

The research activities in the ATLANTIS project will be carried out in six Work Packages:

1: Specifications and conceptual design

2: Computational design tools

3: Building blocks of porous systems

4: Functionalisation of porous systems

5: Application to emission control

6: Application to biotechnology

As a participant in the ATLANTIS project, Pyrogenesis will design and provide novel plasma injectors for the atomising of liquid feedstock for the synthesis and deposition of nanostructured particles in porous supports.

Plasma torch developed by Pyrogenesis