Contract Number: to be announced later in 2006
Type of Project: FP6-2004-STREP
Duration: 36 Months (2006-2009)


1.Foundation Inasmet-Tecnalia (Spain), 2.Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), 3.Kanter S.A. (Spain), 4.BPE International GmbH (Germany), 5.Javican S.L. (Spain), 6.Edison Fabrication Ltd (UK), 7.Pyrogenesis SA (Greece)


The main objective of the OFIENGINE project is to develop new thermal spraying equipment for production of components for marine transport applications. In order to achieve this objective an oxy-fuel ionisation (OFI) installation will be developed to produce coatings with structure and in-service properties similar to those obtained by third generation HVOF spray guns, at 50% of the HVOF process costs. The significantly lower amounts of gases necessary for spraying with the new equipment in comparison with HVOF spray techniques will result in the cost reduction. The project is structured in seven work packages:

1. Definition of product specifications

2. Development of new thermal spraying equipment

3. Development of novel thermal spraying technologies

4. Manufacturing of the marine engine components

5. Testing of marine engine developed

6. Mathematical modelling and optimisation of thermal spraying process

7. Dissemination and exploitation of results.

Pyrogenesis as an SME partner in the consortium takes part in most work packages and the management of the project. The main tasks of Pyrogenesis are to contribute with its wide expertise in the development of the new equipment and to produce marine engine components using HVOF.

Schematic of the gun in the OFIENGINE process